Today, on our first free day, we woke up to a great but very tiring hike to La Cascara Estanzuela. The waterfall left us completely speechless, it was the most amazing, breathtaking moment. Not all of us swam but everyone that went had a blast, it was honestly the best way to have our free day. Those who did not go to the waterfall stayed and caught up on their sleep so that sounds like it was also nice, they had time to call their families so that sounds nice as well.

I went to the waterfall, the hike to the waterfall took us about 2 hours so yes it was super tiring. We would keep walking for directions but the thing was that everyone we asked said about the same thing (“just about 3 km more”) so we just kept being lied to which was pretty funny. We ended up reaching the waterfall and when we were able to hear the waterfall but not see it, everyone started running towards the water with huge grin on there face. Then we got there and ran into the water but no one expected the water to be freezing cold so everyone screamed! Later on we got used to the water so we began to swim to the water falling and felt it on our face. We spent a nice 2 hours in the waterfall, and then decided to be on our way and it was another 2 hours tough hike again.

Even though the hike was so long it didn’t matter because everyone that went said it was 100% worth it! 🙂

After the hike we went to get ice cream, which was delicious, and then we got to the hostel and started preparing for the CAP Presentation tomorrow. The CAP Presentation is basically about a community action project that we are presenting to the school we are helping and the organization that is helping us.

Then we went to dinner and had Gallo Pinto y Maduro y Huevos con Chorrizo and it was really delicious. Finally we went to our nightly meeting and I passed on the role to Josh.

Today was a great day and hopefully the rest of the days will be the same 🙂Meeting Bonding at a WaterfallEstanzuela