The global glimpsers have grown so much during these three weeks. We have become stronger leaders and have seen our potential.We worked together to accomplish a lot and we know that we can do everything we put our minds too, we made a difference and thats what matters. After all the struggles we faced, tears we shed, laughs and moments we shared we bonded and became a family.



American Airlines
Pickup at SFO 11:40 pm on July 18th

July 18, 2013
AA 970G  MGA-MIA 12:25 pm-5:05 pm
AA 1817G MIA-SFO 8:20 pm-11:30 pm

American Airlines

AA970 MGA MIA 12:25pm 5:05                                                                          AA1284 MIA to LOGAN AIRPORT 7:35pm 10:50pm