Hello World! And greetings from Guaranda, Ecuador… FINALLY!

After 26+ hours of travel, 4 delays, 3 airplanes, and 1 five-hour bus ride, we finally arrive at our destination and had our first full day in country! We arrived in Ecuador at about 6:00 AM and breezed through immigration and customs. Immediately we were greeted by Marco and Margaret, our in-country PC’s who have been terrific in terms of making our Glimpsers feel at home and getting them everything they need– from extra toilet paper to a phone call home (big love to them!). We boarded the bus around 7:30 and drove for almost 5 hours to get to Guaranda. On the way, we saw breathtaking sites, such as the elusive vicuña and the amazing Volcan Chimborazo, which is a volcano we will be hiking/touring next week (pictured below).

We arrived at our accommodations at Hotel Palacio Real in the early afternoon and immediately went for lunch to La Estancia, a local (and most delicious) restaurant right down the street from us. Here, Ana and her lovely family and staff welcomed us with open arms (pictured below) Parents: you will be happy to know that Ana is making every effort to get to know your kids individually and to prepare the best food for them in accordance to their respective health needs. For that we send very big love to her and everyone at La Estancia! In between lunch and dinner the students were able to rest, nap, and shower. After dinner we had our first nightly meeting were he had a great discussion on indigenous/Native American culture in preparation for our guest speaker tomorrow: a local curandero who will be performing a ritual for our students! We will keep everyone posted with news, but for now please know that we are here, we are fed, and we are happy that the long journey has finally come to an end!

Saludos and best wishes– Ricardo (GGL)