Hey guys, Nathan and Arleen here! 

First off, we want to say that we are very, very excited for you all to arrive. As Program Coordinators, we networked hard in our local community, connecting with anyone and everyone who would be willing to share their lives with you, so you have the summer trip of a lifetime! We also know you have been preparing yourself this summer for something new, something different, and something epic. We can’t wait.

Coffee. Every day.

I, Nathan, am 29 years old and I’m from Sacramento, California. I’m a huge sports fan and watch games whenever I can (NBA Free Agency blew my mind!). I also like to read if I have time, or frankly, the patience for it. In the last few years, I have volunteered, traveled, and worked on three continents, including two years living in Colombia, South America. My first experience, however, came as an 18-year-old, when I took a summer trip just like the one you’re about to take! It was the best decision of my life and I’ve never looked back. I decided to become a Program Coordinator with Global Glimpse because that first trip, along with the leaders who hosted me, changed how I viewed the world and myself, and the time felt right to assist others discover new parts of the world.

Are you ready for our Culture Day?


And I, Arleen, am 24 years old and I’m from La Chorrera, Panama. Since I was little, I grew up with the ideology of “helping others” which I was taught by my grandmother. Throughout my life I have worked in nonprofit organizations and joinprojects in Panama. As a hobby, I have dedicated myself to modeling, and I have represented Panama twice internationally in beauty pageants. This year, I decided to take on the challenge of Global Glimpse and grow personally and professionally. I love challenges! And, it is an honor for me to receive you in my country, as well as to expand my culture to new friends.

Like we said, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival! Panama is a lovely country and Las Tablas, while it is small, is packed with culture, history, and unique locals who are also excited to meet you, too! We hope you are enjoying what’s left of your summer break and are ready for a new life experience before heading back to school. Bring your energy! We are waiting for you on this side of the world. ☺


See you soon!

Nathan y Arleen