Hola Mi Gente!!

Saludos from Bonao, Dominican Republic!


Team Bonao 2016

We are your Coordinators Josefina and Miguel Angel and we want to give you a warm welcome to Quisqueya La Bella! – specifically Bonao City with it’s breath taking views and inspirational art work. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival in order to embark on a Life Changing Journey through the beautiful landscapes and share an enriching culture the people of Dominican Republic have to offer.


Jima Water Falls

As we all know, this journey has just begun. Many of you have worked diligently throughout the fall and into spring with school, work and in your family life to make this trip happen. Our commitment is to make this endeavor one you won’t forget – full of very inspirational moments, learning experiences and most importantly, lots and lots of FUN! You will meet individuals with lots of things in common and many who don’t speak your native language. You will experience food, smells, sights/places unknown to your everyday life. By the end of these 2.5 weeks, you will be inspired and hopefully spread the word of how Global Glimpse has forever change your thought process in life.

Come with an open mind and ready to see places and people you might have never meet if not through this trip. Also be ready to teach others who may never have the chance to know what you know.

We are looking forward to making this connection and meeting each and every one of our Glimpsers next month. Get them bags ready and have a very safe trip, see you at the airport!!!.

Oh…. P.S… It’s definitely hot out here.

P.S.S. Make sure to bring lot’s of sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Drink lots of water….

Josefina and Miguel Angel (GG 2016 Bonao)

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