Today was the first day of the Community Action Project! We woke up super early at 7am and went to eat some delicious cheese empanadas, sausages, and fruit with yogurt at Roma Santa. After our filling breakfast we took the bus to the Carlos Garbay Farm and started our CAP, which took a surprising turn. Since the reconstruction of the roof was put into the hands of professionals, our designated construction group worked with painting instead. This led to the usage of all purchased materials, which meant that the budgeting team had to return to the hardware store to buy more safety precaution materials, such as masks and gloves. By clean up time at 12:30 we had accomplished our goal of painting two main sections of walls, with only a few touch ups left to do! The corrugated steel roof was also finished, thanks to our dedicated professional workers. After going through our materials today, the budgeting team realized there would be even more necessities to purchase. Unfortunately, we only had $1.70 left in our original budget. However, thanks to the wonderful RB1B, we ended up raising enough money to cover our further expenses. The four hours of hard work went by in the blink of an eye, and before we knew it, we were covered in paint and ready to eat.

Our favorite chef, Isabella from Roma Santa, prepared a scrumptious lunch of white rice, beef patties, veggies and grain soup, garbanzo bean salad, with a side of guava juice. The end of lunch came sooner than expected, which led to 15 extra minutes of free time, in which Glimpsers showered, got ready for English tutoring, rested, or visited the Internet Cafe to call their loved ones. This delightful break ended in time for English tutoring at Nazareno. As the third day of teaching began, the student-teachers finally found their rhythm and felt more comfortable and prepared as they delivered their lessons. We hope our teachers back home would be proud of the progress we have made both as students and as teachers who have followed their examples.

At dinner, we found out that Isabella had planned us a surprise Fourth of July celebration! The party started with sparklers and a buffet table of snacks such as chocolate cupcakes, hot dogs, strawberry kebabs, and chips with dip. The national anthem blasted as we made our way to an arrangement of chicken, potato wedges, and Ecuadorian pizza. Then the real party began with dance music, disco lights, and lots of laughter. Time truly flew by as all Glimpsers and guests from RB1B danced the night away from our scheduled plans. Our nightly meeting was later than anticipated, but still full of energy and positivity as we concluded the day. As we passed the torch onto Perla and Jialin, we reflected upon this day as one of the most memorable ones of the trip. We hope the rest of the trip goes just as great as today has been.

From your leaders of today, Aleksys and Grace 🙂

P.S. thanks mom & dad for answering my call today and don’t worry Alina you will definitely be receiving a matching Ecuadorable hat to add to your Colombian one! – your one and only Aleksys