We arrived in Quito this morning about 6am… About 6 hours late, but safe and sound. We boarded 3 times in Houston before taking off on a working plane. My favorite moment was when we were back on the original plane (having reboarded), pulled onto the tarmac, and – after a long wait- started moving. I was so excited! Until Christian, in the window seat, exclaimed, “We’re pulling back into the parking spot!”

Glimpsers were great sports- good humored and fun. We finally boarded a third time (new plane this time) and then a long bus ride to Riobamba.

We ate very, very well thanks to Chef Caesar. We took some breaks, did an ice breaker, before celebrating Nicole’s birthday with cake! Finally, Jada volunteered to be the very first lider del dia (leader of the day). She used some teacher moves to manage her peers, including the classic “I’ll wait.”

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