Hello everyone!

We made it! Tonight we stay in Quito at a really cute hostel.  Paintings on every wall and surface basically.

The flight from SFO to Panama City was pretty calm and we arrived almost an hour early.  Then we planted ourselves at gate 20 and kids explored, washed their faces, brushed their teeth, got some food and explored.  WE had a 5 hour lay over so about 1-2 thru we played some icebreaker games by this beautiful window with many confused onlooker travlers. Then we boarded our plane to Quito which was a bit more bumpy, but some of us were so exhausted we just slept through it.

Some of us saw volcanoes and beautiful mountains from the planes windows.

We waited in the airport for our last GGer’ Mehgan and they lost her luggage!  So we took this opportunity to start our phone calls home to say we have arrived.

Then 1 hour bus drive to the capital and to our beautiful hostel.  Dinner and then bed’ more tomorrow