We are pleased to say that we have made it through the journey and have built amazing relationships throughout the 16 days. Today we finished our last day of our CAP project, painting a mural that satisfied La Federacion de Campesinos. We left our own personal hand stamp on the mural. Although the trip is coming to an end everyone pushed through and gave it their all to try and make the final moments together memorable.

Something we have learned today is La Federacion de Campesinos have created a great foundation that works hard for what they believe in. We have all contributed in our own unique ways to create an environment where everyone can help and feel like they’re making a change. The most inspiring person we’ve met while creating this CAP project was Esteban Polanco who is the leader of the Federacion. We have chosen him because he strives to make his work environment a better place. The final project wasn’t the best part because we all enjoyed seeing the love and happiness we brought into their community by creating the vision that Esteban and the Federacion had.

During the evening we went to a dinner at Freddy’s Empanadas and we took up basically half the restaurant. We ate, talked and then cried. After dinner the ambassadors surprised all of us with bracelets that they made. Everyone balled their eyes out because we have all built such tight and close relationships with them but we are leaving them soon. Next on the agenda was the party. The leadership team surprised us with a party bus. We got lit and everyone enjoyed themselves. We danced and drank pina colada (virgin, of course).

Being LDD today was fun and challenging because today was very exhausting and emotional. For Vanessa she was surprised to see that her leadership skills were higher than she anticipated because peers actually paid attention and could keep up with the busy day that we had. For Julia she was nervous and anxious to become LDD for the second time but she was glad that everyone did their parts in making LDD much easier.