20150612_163030Hola families and friends,

We have safely arrived in Leon and are getting ready for bed at our hostel. The flight from SFO was uneventful and we arrived in San Salvador early this morning. After 7 long hours at the airport, we boarded a small propeller plane to Nicaragua. The flight was short and showcased the beauty of Central America. Students took photos of the volcanoes, oceans and green lush landscape. When we arrived, we were greeted with the hot humid climate as we walked across the tarmac. We went through customs quickly where we met our GG coordinators  and the last member of our delegation. We started with a circle of introductions and boarded our bus for the 2 hour journey to Leon.


20150612_194307We quickly checked in and walked across the street to enjoy our first Nicaraguan dinner of Gallo pinto, chicken kebabs, salad and plantains. After dinner, we met as a group to develop group norms and understand in country policies. The rain started and we are enjoying the refreshing feeling.

Glimpses are in bed and are getting ready for a historical take on Leon tomorrow. Until then, good night!