Global Glimpse SFO

SFO – Pre-flight

It is 9 P.M. in Esteli, Nicaragua, nearly a full day since we all assembled at the 10th gate of the SFO international departure terminal.

We almost left one (she made it!), and we almost lost ourselves (they changed our departure gate in San Salvador!), but sure enough, we eventually arrived safe and sound at Augusto Sandino International Airport in Managua.

After a rendezvous with Jennifer (GG Leader), Humberto, and Franziska (The two program coordinators), we took our “chicken bus” (repurposed USA yellow school buses) ride two and half hours north to our final destination.

We’d love to go in to the details of our two meals at Buffet Esteli and the nuances of our twenty second phone calls back home, but wake up call is at 7, and travel days are not prone to sleep ;).

Please check back in tomorrow night!

Enjoy the photos and thanks for reading.


Global Glimpse Managua

Gathering at Augusto Sandino International Airport