What can we say? No news is good news.

An impressive number of students were at JFK airport at 4:30am, impressing the GGLs and Fawziah.

Our flights to Miami and then to Managua were totally smooth. No turbulence, no need for airsick bags, and no lost luggage. Seriously, the trip down was totally boring. Most of the students slept, and those that didn’t got to know their peers and GGLs.

After meeting our in-country peeps Denis and Chelsea, we grabbed a quick lunch at the airport (Subway!) and took a two-hour ride to Matagalpa.

Although it was raining, the ride was chock-full of greenery. Students either slept or chatted.

Our hostel is awesome! We have a beautiful view of the city, including a whitewashed church and mountains. Our dining room is a covered porch, and some of the rooms have little balconies. The rooms are clean, and all of our beds are covered in girly mosquito netting (peach, pink, and lavender). Each room has its own bathroom, and we’re all exhausted and ready for bed.

Don’t be mad–we tried to upload some photos from today, but the old Mac we are on just didn’t want to. We promise pics tomorrow!

Jared and Michelle are impressed with the entire delegation. Students are laughing, talking, and really taking good care of each other.

More tomorrow! We’ll be learning about Nicaragua’s history and taking a tour of Matagalpa.

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Hasta manana!