This morning we woke up the glimpsers early with a soothing serenade using maracas and our beautiful voices. We went off to breakfast at 8 in the morning, and actually arrived on time! What a surprise! We all enjoyed our delicious, savory breakfast. Yum! Then we hopped on the bus for Day 2 of our CAP execution.

Today was a very productive day, from finishing the murals to taking down half of the cuy cages. After digging hard and getting their hands dirty, the gardening group was even able to finish the first phase of the their planting. Everyone worked so hard today and we are extremely proud of them. Even though they were exhausted, they still gave 100% of their effort. Why don’t we just give them a round of applause! *clapping emoji* Halfway through our work, we took a break to eat a mouth watering lunch. We got our energy back through a funtastic energizer!

Once all of our work was done for the day, we got on our fabulous bus and went back to our casita linda, Hotel Mashany. Today we decided to be on top of our work and get our English tutoring lesson plans together before we went our own way for free time. Some of our wonderful children went to the internet cafe and called their loved ones, others went to the Rocket Diner to get a taste of home (and a little diarrhea). Some decided to take a break and stay at our casita to rest or freshen up (or etc…). A few were extremely kind and bought snacks to share with the whole group! We love our children!!!!!!

After, we all gathered to leave for dinner where we ate some food. Food sure can come in handy after a long day of work!!! Our young ones really enjoyed the donuts Cesar made for us tonight. From there we grabbed our tutoring supplies with expedience and once again got on that quality bus! We rocked out to some fun jams before teaching our last, but memorable lesson. Once that beautiful hour of teaching had passed, we all took an abundance of photos with our inspiringly intelligent students, like celebrities. We’re really going to miss them *sad emoji*. :(.

Finally we came back to our castle, the Hotel Mashany! We ended our night with the nightly meeting (led by us, your amazing, talented, gorgeous, hilarious, inspiring, genius Leaders). We discussed the day and how amazingly it went. We talked about keeping up our energy during our last few days in Riobamba, Ecuador. In our next couple of days, we will appreciate everything we do and everyone we met. <3

Love, Alexys and Molly!

PS. Shoutout to all our fans *megaphone emoji*