Hello B1D!!  TEAM Bonao over here!  We are very excited for your visit to our site in Dominican Republic this summer and wanted to send some helpful tips and information so that you are better prepared for your upcoming trip.  We’d like to start by providing you with personal introductions:

Zoe Tatarsky:

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and recently graduated from Kenyon College with a major in Psychology and an interest in spreading humanistic principles on an individual level. I fell in love with the DR right away and eventually found a home-away-from-home here in this amazing country. I’m so looking forward to meeting you and my fuel for my work is being able to share and learn from this culture alongside all of you.

Nacelí Rosario:

I am a project manager and my focus is sustainability and community driven development, I’ve always been very passionate about youth empowerment and finding new ways to inspire young leaders through education. Now through Global Glimpse I want to be able to bring you and the people here in Bonao the gift of opportunity, so you can learn from each other and grow together as members of the Global Community.

Zoe and I have been working diligently on your summer itinerary and in addition to the packing list that you have already received, we also wanted to highlight a few OPTIONAL, but highly ENCOURAGED recommendations for you to bring:

  1. Sometimes, it rains heavily and unexpectedly.  So, bring a poncho and/or umbrella and rain boots or shoes that you would not mind getting mud on.

  2. We will be doing a water/hiking activity, so bring closed-toed shoes you can swim in.

  3. Bring plenty of bug spray!

  4. REQUIRED: Bring hard-soled shoes (e.g. work boots, hiking boots) *tennis shoes don’t count*

  5. Bring allergy medicines. Lots of rain means lush flora and fauna!

  6. Bring light clothing because it’s can get very hot here. However if it’s not on the dress code don’t pack it! Remember you should bring Business Casual for English Tutoring and a Formal outfit for CAP Panel and ET Graduation.

  7. Bring your curiosity, flexibility and open mind (perhaps filled with some background knowledge on Dominican Republic). Remember, the DR is a developing country and may not have all the comforts of home you are accustomed to. For example, expect cold showers or bucket showers when the water isn’t running. This trip will challenge you. It will be fun, but it certainly won’t be easy. Come prepared for long days, jam-packed with meaningful activities, and you will certainly grow from this experience.

We can’t wait to finally have you here and show you such a beautiful part of the world.