Hello everybody!

We will be travelling to Riobamba together. My name is Sandra and I will be one of your Global Glimpse Leaders. You see me in the picture with my two daughters on our last vacation. I am a teacher at the Oakland School for the Arts. This is my first time traveling with Global Glimpse and my first time going to South America. I am very excited about having this opportunity to travel and learn with you all.

I will meet you all in the airport on July 25th at 6:40 am. We will be meeting at the United Airlines domestic terminal, since we are flying to Houston first. We are meeting there at 6:40 am, three hours before departure, to make sure that the whole group is together.

My family and I are going to Germany this Saturday, which is where I am originally from, on a biking vacation. After that we will visit family and friends. Since we will return only a few days before taking off for Ecuador, I will try to get in touch with half the group this week. Virginia, the other leader, will contact the other half of you later. Some of you will receive a phone call from me later this week.

Very excited to meet you all,