Hello Glimpsers!

I’m so excited that we’re leaving on our trip to Nicaragua in less than 10 days!  My name is Danny Fernandez and I’ll be one of the your Global Glimpse Leaders.  I teach 10th grade Literacy and World History at the School for Democracy and Leadership in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.  I’ve lived in New York for about 9 years, but I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  I grew up speaking Spanish, and I look forward to practicing my skills on our trip.  Before I was a teacher, I worked at Environmental and Human Rights nonprofits.  I became a Global Glimpse leader because I’m still very dedicated to making the world a better place through my own actions and through helping others see that they can have a positive impact.  I think it’s important that young people are exposed to new experiences and real world problems. The Global Glimpse program is an incredible opportunity for you all and for myself.

I look forward to share all of these new, challenging, and wonderful experiences with you all!