Hi! My name is Diana Sierra and I am one of the two Global Glimpse leaders from G1C. I’m a little late with the introduction, as we are already on the trip, but “better late than never.” I am a Spanish teacher at School of the Future in Manhattan. I was born in the Dominican Republic, and have lived in NYC for 8 years. Traveling is one of my greatest passion and I do it as often as possible. Traveling has given me the opportunity to meet new people around the word, learn languages, and really learn to respect other cultures. This is the reason why I thought it was important to join Global Glimpse. I wanted to give my students the opportunity to see the world and to experience something new.

During this trip, I hope students can step out of their comfort zones and challenge imagethemselves to become a global citizen. So far, I think this group has been doing that and really enjoying every part of the journey. Hopefully this continues.