Hello Glimpsers and Bonao Program Coordinators,

My name is Asia Franks, one of your GG leaders, and I am very excited to begin this experience with all of you in T-minus 32 hours! I just completed my sixth year as a math teacher (and soon to be school leader) at the Urban Assembly School for Math & Science. I became a GG leader because two things I love the most is teaching and traveling! I am an avid traveler and I want to share the Global Glimpse experience with my students who I have taught and seen develop since 6th grade. I am looking forward to learning about Bonao, DR alongside all of the students and watching them exhibit courage, compassion, and commitment on their journey to becoming global leaders! I am writing this from the Apple store as the Genius Bar fixes my iPhone so I will post a picture later. Thanks for taking the time to read this and see you all soon!

Ms. Franks