Hello Bay Area!!

We are team San Juan, your program coordinators for the summer! We are so excited to meet you and work with you, and share the rich culture, history and people of San Juan de la Maguana.

My name is Doris, am a California native, that having just left Oakland, CA to join the GG family in the Dominican Republic! I was working for La Clínica de la Raza in East Oakland. Now, I’m super excited to have you all come here!!

Janice, GG Coordinator #2, was born in San Juan de la Maguana. She is really excited to show off her city and work with all of you extraordinary youth this summer! Janice teaches English at the public high school, was a coordinator at Habitat for Humanity, and has worked with exchange programs in college.

We are working hard to make sure everything is perfect and you can have THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!! So take the time to google the DR, specially San Juan, because we have an amazing itinerary that will walk you through the history, culture, and politics in the Dominican Republic. Some things you should prepare for are: the HOT HOT SUN!! It’s warm and humid here so don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, water bottle and bug spray. The mosquitos are not messing around, trust us!!

We are really excited to have you coming to visit us and, we are proud at all of the hard work you have put in to get here! Finish your school year strong and we will see you in a few short weeks!!

Can’t wait to meet you all!! Your dedicated GG Coordinators,

Janice & Doris

Doris in Arroyo Loro        Dominican cookies!

Doris @ Arroyo Loro, & Janice w/ DR cookies!