Hello Glimpsers!

We are only a handful of days away from embarking on our exciting journey together.  We are truly grateful to be traveling with such a remarkable group of students to such a beautiful country. What an honor it is to explore this country’s history, culture and community, especially with the support of our two program coordinators Cándida and Jorge.  Your GG leaders are both from San Jose.

​L​et us introduce ourselves:

Robert Goldstein

I am a Special Education at Independence High School. I have traveled to England, France, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Korea and the Philippines, to name a few. I love experiencing how other cultures live and seeing the history of every country that I visit. I am originally from Southern California and been living in the Bay Area for almost 9 years now. I enjoy riding my motorcycle in the mountains of Santa Cruz, going scuba diving in Monetary, rock climbing, relaxing and play video games and of course, teaching.  I am truly excited for this trip and having this time together.

Sonia Garcia

I teach Art at WC Overfelt High School. I have experience traveling to various countries including, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and Cambodia. I love seeing the world and letting it change my perspective. I am also from So. Cal and I enjoy swimming, dancing and painting.

We will be working together to ensure your safety and that you have the most rewarding trip possible.


As another GG leader said:

Once we land, we become ambassadors of hope and wonder. Each person that we meet may provide a new insight and change the way you look at the world. Be open to these new ideas and experiences.

And of course remember that:


Don’t hesitate to send us any questions before the trip.

[email protected]

[email protected]


-Sonia Garcia and Robert Goldstein

Courage, Compassion, Commitment.