To everybody reading  this blog post, we feel more than happy to announce that we received our first group of Glimpsers, here in Bonao, and they are all safe and in their best conditions!!

It is a pleasure for me as the ELDD ( El lider del dia) to say that the students are behaved and their energy is incredible! We had such an amazing time during our culture and safety orientation as well as our first nightly meeting.

Students arrival to the Dominican Republic.

Students arrival to the Dominican Republic.

And it is also reasonable to say that they are all super excited to be here but really tired after a full day of traveling and orientation, but  within few hours in the country, we really feel they all have a better perspective of the Dominican Republic already.

Tomorrow we will  be getting more information about our host city  as we also get to meet the Ambassadors!! they are a group of local kids who are bilingual and are participating as volunteers with Global Glimpse. Also we are going to have a city tour around town and get to enjoy our Caribbean weather!!

We will keep posting every night as the days pass by, stay in tune because the adventure just began!!

Best from Bonao… DR.