Hello Glimpsers, Global Glimpse Leaders, and Parents!

Greetings from Constanza, Dominican Republic!

We are Cynthia and Francis, your Program Coordinators for this summer!

My name is Cynthia Parajón, and I’m from Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This is my second time as a Program Coordinator in Global Glimpse, and since the first time I was totally in love with the program, because it makes you grow personally and professionally, and helps you develop leadership skills. It’s my first time in DR and believe me, you will love everything, the culture, the food, and the people. I am excited for you to arrive and show you this little paradise. Can´t wait to meet you and and learn about you and your passions.

Hello, my name is Francis Garcia, and I am from Constanza.  I was a member of the Global Glimpse Youth Ambassador Program for local Dominicans in 2014 and fell in love with the program.  Since then, I have been working as a tour guide and translator in Constanza for different groups of people working here (mostly medical groups and missionaries). I became a Program Coordinator in 2017 and really appreciate the way it changes the way I look at the world and how it helps my students to do the same.  I’m looking forward to meeting you, helping you discover the beauty of Constanza, and to introducing you to our inspiring community partners so you can be inspired by all of the activities that we have planned for all of you. I am sure that we will form a great team this summer and we will have a transformative experience. I can’t wait to see you soon at our first meeting at the airport. Looking forward to the best summer ever!

We are very happy to welcome you to this country. On this trip together we will explore Constanza for 16 days with a focus on learning and FUN! You will discover so much about the Dominican Republic and especially about Constanza.

You were chosen to be part of this program because you are leaders.  You have the will and the skills to make the most of this experience and we sincerely appreciate your hard work to get here.

We wish you a safe trip to the Dominican Republic and we look forward to getting to know you all, here in Constanza.

Cynthia & Francis.