Hello Glimpsers, Global Glimpse Leaders and Parents!

Welcome to Ecuador! We are Diego and Evelyn, your Ecuador Program Coordinators. Our site in Riobamba is surrounded by beautiful mountains, volcanos (dormant) and wonderful and wise indigenous communities that have given us tons of inspiration and energy to be here. We hope that you will be just as inspired and energized during your time here as well.

We fell very happy for the opportunity to share this journey with you. During your 15 days in Ecuador, you will discover and learn a lot about this friendly country, but at the same time you will discover and learn about yourself. This journey that we will share together will be full f learning, knowledge and fun!

We want to let you know that you are a great motivation for us, and that we are looking forward to making the most of this experience. Remember to bring an open mind, your awesome skills and great personalities to help make the most of all our planned activities and work together.

We wish you a safe trip to Ecuador! We can wait to meet you all! Officially, Welcome to Ecuador!

“I believe in the diversity of human condition. The best thing about the world is the number of worlds it has” Eduardo Galeano

Best Regards

Diego and Evelyn