Hello dear Glimpsers, Global Glimpse Leaders and families!

This is Camila and Carrie, León 1 program coordinators sending great vibes your way! With your trip to Nicaragua just around the corner we thought it would be nice for us to share a little bit about the program that we have designed for you in the last couple of months.

As you already know, Global Glimpse’s program is all about leadership development and that is not a skill that one learns overnight. During these 15 days you will all be challenged to step out of your bubbles and comfort zones to start the journey to be leaders and responsible global citizens. You will also take ownership of a specific day when you are Líder del Día and will contribute to guide the rest of the group, check in with the adult team and help us make the most out of the day. We hope to see you shine as educators when you get to teach English to local students, we know this event is a nest for long-lasting learning for you as well!

Although there is a lot of content in it, this trip is not only work, girls and boys! We do have some fairly *ehem* interesting experiences planned out for some of those days that will make you feel as if you are standing on top of a sleeping volcano (pun intended)!

These two weeks will be challenging and you can expect some long days, but we are confident that you will bring the best energy and give your all to grow as much as you can through the multiple interactions and diversity of the team that we already are!

We appreciate your uniqueness and courage in coming on this trip and we promise, it will be the best!


Camila and Carrie


Ps. Bring lots of bugspray with at least 30% DEET, a pair of sturdy strong-sole shoes and many long athletic pants.