We are only just beginning.  The group is coming together very nicely.  They are a lively and personable group.  From the energy they have, you’d never know we didn’t get into our hotel until 2 AM last night (technically this morning).  After breakfast in Quito, the four-hour drive was made lively by some fantastic singing from the students on the bus.  It was also a beautiful trip, especially as we got up near the snow-covered mountains.  Riobamba sits at 9000 feet, though no major issues adjusting to the altitude from this group.  We are staying at the Hotel Mashany, which translates to, “sunshine for everyone”.

We have to give many thanks to Juan Carlos and Christina, our in-country program coordinators.  This is their second contingency this summer, so they have been a great resource for us on what to expect and what to watch out for.  We are also grateful for Cesar, the chef at Restaurante Nativa where will be having almost all of our meals.  We also celebrated a birthday as one of our students spent most of her actual birthday traveling.

The pictures feature our group in the garage area where we did the human knot.  Luckily we are in the same time zone, and with our busy days will have no problem adhering to the 10:00 pm time for lights out.

Country:  Ecuador

Providence:  Chimboraza

City:  Riobamba