We are excitedly counting the days to have you here in Riobamba. Before anything, we would like to express how happy we are to meet all of you this summer. The in-country staff in Riobamba have been very concentrated in planning and reviewing a dynamic 14-day itinerary that you will enjoy and learn from. We have met so many amazing people, organizations and small businesses here and we are ready to show you what “Corazón de Ecuador” is all about!

So, I am sure you are wondering: who are we?

I’m Josseling Zeledón, I am from Estelí, Nicaragua. I have a degree in Sustainable Tourism and currently I am studying my second career in Social work. I believe in the changes that we can make as individuals, that is the reason I’ve participated in different volunteer projects and jobs related to sustainability, leadership, art and local empowerment. Some of my main motivations are being able to travel, but with the purpose of social and educational assistance for people in need. I am passionate about gender equity, education, sustainability, human rights, global and community development. I love volunteering and that has been giving me the opportunity to travel to amazing countries such as Nepal and Tanzania. I know this experience will change your life and will give you a different perspective of the world.

I’m Anabel Sánchez! I was born in Loja-Ecuador. I am an architect and English teacher who loves social work and volunteering. I’ve been a volunteer with the United Nations (UN) and with other local and international organizations. This has taken me to travel to hidden nooks of Ecuador and even visit my dream country: Egypt! One of my passions is education, so I’ve worked as a teacher for little kids, teenagers and adults. I am always eager to learn so I am pursuing a master degree in Urban Studies where I research Amazonian urbanization. I am excited to be part of the Global Glimpse team and show the heart of Ecuador to you all. Working with Global Glimpse is fueled by you all, I am sure teaching you will be a lifetime experience. Hence, I can’t wait to have you here and have such a great time together learning and traveling.

Now you know a bit about us, and how happy we are to be part of the Global Glimpse Mission. Let’s learn together, travel with a greater purpose, and get inspired to become better global citizens! We believe this experience will make you grow, make meaningful connections, and become the change you want to see in your communities and in the world. See you in Riobamba!

Your PCs,

Josseling Zeledón and Anabel Sánchez.