Hello Global Glimpse family! We are Sixto Cabral and Dámarit Pérez and we will be your Program Coordinators this summer in San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic. We are very excited about the amazing summer we have ahead and all the activities that we have prepared for you!

We want to show you all the amazing things that the Dominican Republic has for you. San Juan de la Maguana is a great and very sunny town, located in the south of the country, in the province of San Juan. It has a lot of culture and really good architecture. We have beautiful parks and plazas that we are sure that you’ll love! Also, Dominican people are very nice and welcoming as they love meeting and sharing with other cultures.  Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to engage in Dominican culture and lifestyle through activities such as: sharing time with inspirational speakers and communities, learning about the history and culture of San Juan, going to the Dominican-Haitian border to learn more about the immigration situation in the country, and experience what it feels like to work and live as a local in the countryside – not to mention having some fun time and also at the beach!

We are looking forward to meeting you all because we know that each one of you will bring your open minds and leadership skills to this trip. This experience will help you to discover new realities and return home with new perspectives and knowledge that will challenge you see the world in a different way. We will be here to support you every step of the way throughout this experience, so bring all your energy and curiosity!

See you soon in San Juan de la Maguana!

Ps. Don’t forget to bring a personal water bottle, plenty of sun screen and mosquito repellant!

Sixto and Dámarit