Hey Glimpdiator!

More than a Glimpser a Gladiator!

This is Fabi and Silvi reporting from the Caribbean Enchanted Valley – Constanza! As Program Coordinators we want this journey to inspire your lives and make this a great educational experience. As we read your application forms we are certain that we will also be inspired by your life stories. Here is a quote of an anti-corruption fighter in the late 60’s:

“I used to think, “How can I write my life story?” I’m still living it!” by Frank Serpico (Former New York City Police Department Officer).


We will give it a try! Here is Fabi and Silvi’s first meeting up story:

While Silvi was getting ready in Barranquilla, Colombia (her home country) to move to Constanza (packing while watching the Netflix film: Minimalism: A documentary about the important things), Faby sent a message to Silvi.

Faby reached out to Silvi to bring the good news: “we will be partners during the 2019 Global Glimpse program in Constanza”. After a couple of text messages, Faby sent a voice message saying in a Colombian accent that she was Colombian as well.

Silvi asked her: From which region of Colombia are you from?

Fabi responded: I am from Chocó! The pacific area of Colombia.

Fabi sent to Silvi photos of the Colombian arepas she has just made! She shared a photo of a stuffed penguin abandoned in the middle of the street with a hashtag “#heartlesspeople. Then, Silvi notices that Fabi loves penguins. Something odd for a Colombian!! It will be certainly unusual to spot a penguin in Colombia or another Caribbean spot.

The days passed and Silvi arrived in Santo Domingo to start a new life. Fabi, as a good host, offered herself as a guide of Santo Domingo’s Colonial Center. They finally met during a late afternoon at a pizza place. Silvi was really excited to meet her Colombian partner. But after few seconds of chatting … Guess what?

Fabi is the funniest Dominican girl! She had been trolling Silvi for over a month! Although, there was disappointment in the air, Silvi was happy to have a partner who wanted to join Silvi in her daily exercise routine. Silvi and Fabi love dancing and share the same taste when it comes to music (Salsa, Hip Hop, Beyoncé (Yes Queen B is a whole different thing), Bachata, Vallenato, Champeta РA mix a Colombian and Dominican rhythms).

First Sunday after arriving in Constanza, Silvi and Fabi went running in the valley (full of stiff, unpaved roads). Silvi was in a great condition because she plays squash, basketball and loves boxing. After couple of minutes running, Silvi noticed that something was missing! Guess what?

Fabi was way behind! She was waving at Silvi and shouting “Goooooo I will give you moral support”. Silvi decided to wait and finish the routine by walking together through the beautiful Constanza. After this, we promised to each other that we will keep an exercise routine in order to be in a great shape and have all the energy this summer!

We cannot wait to meet you and write our story together!

Check our photo together in San Juan during our training!

Silvi and Fabi