Today we departed from San José, the capital of Costa Rica, to Turrialba, a small town on the east of the central valley. In 30 minutes we left behind the city and we went into the countryside, surrounded by forest, coffee, and sugar cane plantations. We hit the hotel around noon, right on time for an excellent lunch. After this, we covered the rules and expectations of the trip.


Next, we went to Turrialba downtown, we saw the old train station, the central park, and some shops. Then we went to the Costa Rica University campus to see one of the two vapor cranes used for the construction of the train in 1870. Also, we made a stop at Soda La U, where we had amazing homemade ice cream, after this, we drove in front of Rawlings, the factory where the balls used in the big league’s games are made. And to finish we went back to the base house for another delicious meal.

After the nightly meeting, the group chose the word ¨bonding¨as the word to summarize the day.