Day 15 – Departure

Hello family and friends, this is Bianca and Rosalia. Today was our last day at Riobamba, Ecuador. We started our day by waking up at 7:00 AM and then having our last breakfast at La Primavera. By 9:00 AM we went to El Museo De La Ciudad. After that, we had free time to do last minute shopping or just hanging out at the city. At 12:00 PM. We had lunch at Nativa and headed back to La Primavera by 1:00 PM to finish packing. We started to say our goodbyes at La Primavera and had our final picture there and headed to Quito airport by 3:30 PM. When we got to Quito airport, we were able to eat before getting on our plane.

We learned the history of Riobamba at the Museo De La Ciudad. We learned and saw original pictures and instruments that they still had, such as a stereo. We can honestly say that we are proud that everyone got very close on this trip. We were able to create a great bond. Being Lideres Del Dia allowed us to get out of our comfort zone. It allowed us to have confidence in ourselves to be able to lead our peers throughout the day. We learned a lot about ourselves, including that in order to be leaders  you have to be courageous, thoughtful of others, and be a role model. On this trip, we can say that everybody had fun together. We were able to know each other better and hopefully we will all remain in contact and form a reunion again. From Riobamba Trip #1, we will miss Diego, Jocelyn, and Evelyn.


Rosalia & Bianca