Never did we think that we would ever awaken to the actual noise of roosters crowing in the morning.  Sadly, at 5:30 AM,  we quickly realized how wrong we were.  After the first day of CAP, our responsibility of the upcoming day was daunting.  Knowing we could count on each other, made our worries fade.  The day started by testing our abilities to adapt, being that our schedule did not last as long as we hoped. However, after much perseverance, we were able to obtain all the materials needed to make our CAP successful. Our bus ride to the CAP was full much needed energy and pit stops. First, to drop off t-shirts to have the logos printed, and then to pick up fellow Glimpsers who were buying needed supplies. All of this added to the excitement and the anticipation of actually getting to work.

Soon we arrived at the site, with high hopes and defined smiles. Instantly we got into our groups and began working in our respective areas. We made sure no time was wasted, for we truly have no time to waste. The “inside” group, whom were assigned to paint a mural on the inside of the building broke into their individual jobs. All the while being monitored mostly by Siggi and Angelina.  Meanwhile, the “outside” group began to work on the sign they were to build.  Thankfully, the work went smoothly. We even got to interact with some of the adorable and helpful, local children.  The time flew by and soon it was lunch. Sitting down and eating the lovely packed lunches we were given, was a nice break from all the work we got done.

"Outside" Group   20150622_123037

However, this break did not last long, and we were right back to work. The progress we made today in CAP was significant, because today was the making or breaking point of the rest of the project.  Everyone was able to pack onto the bus feeling good about all that was done today. We were all pretty happy and excited about what we accomplished, and this lit up the rest of the days events for us.  After a few meetings we had dinner and went straight to English tutoring. Our classes proved to be eventful, giving us many stories to share with one another. Finally, we held a nightly meeting, and passed the torch of El Lider Del Dia off to the next leaders.

Okay, Savannah is going to speak alone now…it sounded weird to talk in the third person…anyway, today was tough.  Not only in the sense of taking on the responsibility of leading a group of well-opinionated teenagers in a project that is supposed to impact an important organization, but in the sense of wanting to do all of this well.  This day was a learning experience for everyone in that we grasped the concept of what our project truly encompassed, and that will be very useful information for the future of the trip.

Megan speaking! I believe that this CAP has opened my eyes to how grateful I am to have a carpenter as a father. Not just because I was able to give advice that could actually be useful, or that I had “experience”, but the fact that if I was back at home doing a project like this, more than likely he would be doing a lot of this work for me. This has made me realize that if I want to do something big, I don’t necessarily need to rely on my parents to run around setting everything up for me to just finish up the “easy” work. It feels as if I’ve gained a new look at projects such as this one, added to the already insightful, and meaningful experiences this trip has given me.

This day was very eventful and very interesting for all of us. We want to thank you for reading this blog and we hope you all continue to read about our great experiences!