Hello family and friends,

Ya estamos en Leon! We’re in Leon! We arrived last night to cheers, chants, a live band, and a huge celebration! Okay, the crowd wasn’t for us but it sure felt like it! The crowd was waiting for an athlete who arrived shortly after us. What we really arrive to was a very welcoming Aaron, some rain, humidity, and the coolest bus ever (it really was quite the “party bus”). We then met up with Oli for our first group dinner in Nicaragua, pizza! Since we arrived at night and it was raining, we stayed in Managua. After a full day of traveling, we finally got to relax.

The following morning (today) at 7 am, many would be in for their first experiences: cold showers, Nicaraguan meal (meat, rice, beans, plantains, and did I say rice and beans?), first group picture, class, and tour of the biggest church in Central America!

It’s been quite the eventful day and we’re just getting started.

Buenas Noches!