After a long day of flying and driving we are finally in Matagalpa! After we arrived at the airport in Managua, we met our in country program coordinators, Elena and Skarleth who are wonderful! We loaded the bus and stayed at a local hostel in the area. Students had pizza for dinner and went to bed. There were seven boys in a room and twelve girls in one room. There were lots of bunk beds! The next morning students were supposed to get up at 6:30am and board the bus by 8:00am, however, the girls were up at 5:00am and ready by 7:00am, playing UNO and ready for breakfast. The boys were the first to load their luggage onto the bus and all were ready for breakfast.

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs, plantains, peas and rice, and cheese. The juice was sweet made from dragon fruit. After breakfast, we had a two hour bus ride to Matagalpa and settled into our home for three weeks. There are three rooms for the girls (4-5 in a room); and all of the boys are in one room yikes!

Today was orientation and we went on a historical tour. We had a chance to walk around the town and observe life in Matagalpa!

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Anakarita and Denise

Global Glimpse Leaders

Breakfast of Champions!