Hi everyone, it’s Stephanie and Camilo, the GG program coordinators.

Today was a great day, we traveled from Quito to Guaranda and all glimpsers are now settled in our very welcoming hotel Palacio Real. We had a long trip but got to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. As we traveled south to Guaranda, the clear skies offered clear visibility to a number of the snow capped volcanoes that are situated along this route.

The group is engaged and cooperative with all of our activities, and open to experience all that the Ecuadorian culture has to offer. Their first introduction to Andean traditions was at a visit to the Carnival Museum of Guaranda where they learned about common celebrations linked to this important holiday. To top it off the museum offered an expansive view of the city they’ll be calling home for the next couple of weeks.

Now it is time to sleep, see you all tomorrow!