Have you packed and repacked?  Do you have all your questions answered?  Are you ready for this?  YOU CAN DO THIS!


San Francisco,

San Francisco,

Here we are, our last day before we embark on our adventure to Nicaragua.  Wow – what a whirlwind it has been to get to this point!


We’re headed to the airport tonight for our early morning departure to Jinotega, Nicaragua.  Have any of you ever been to Nicaragua before?  I haven’t and I’m very excited to be sharing this adventure with you all!


The “city” of Jinotega is going to be very different from the cities we live in – much more rural with far fewer amenities – think basic!

city pic

We’ll be on a road less traveled as we learn about the Nicaraguan culture and history…

road less traveled

and we’re likely to meet new people who are just as interested in us as we are in them!

local people

We’ll be eating delicious new foods…


and whether it is unfamiliar and scary…

hercules beetle

or beautiful and weird…

kite swallowtail butterfly

either way we’ll have a memory of a journey to last us a lifetime!  We’ll keep in touch with our loved ones back home and may even make fresh connections.

plane and postcards

We’ll never be the same after this trip.

We will be forever touched in ways we can’t even yet predict.

So take a deep breath, relax, and let go- embrace the mystery and adventure of our travel!