After a long day of traveling from Chicago to Miami to Managua, we are now cozily settled into our rooms at Hotel Las Mercedes for the night. Our crew jumped right into getting to know each other as soon as we went through security and it has been a joy to see friendships developing already. We are thrilled to get to spend the night in Managua on this very special day: Nicaragua Liberation Day, the day that the Sandinista overthrew the Somoza dictatorship.

Our Site Manager and Program Coordinator, Silvan and Roxanna met us at the airport, took us to the hotel, and we gathered around a table of delicious pizza. After a delicious meal and the time difference, it was too late to check in with our families back in Chicago.


Rest assured parents, you will hear from us first thing tomorrow morning before we take a 2.5 drive hour to Matagalpa. Please expect a call from us between 9AM and 10AM Central Time.  Let the adventures begin!