Today was a bomb ! The Glimpsers and I finally got the chance to visit Pailon del Diablo which means the devils cauldron. After hiking down a hill for almost 30 minutes we finally got the chance to witness the waterfall. What made this trip a once in a life time opportunity was when we had to crawl under these tiny caves to get directly next to the mouth of the waterfall. Although we couldn’t swim because of the heavy force of the water, the view was just amazing and astonishing. The biggest challenge we had to overcome today was hiking back up the hill and making sure no one was left behind as the leader of the day. A major theme for today was Nature is such a beautiful thing, and people in the city need to be expose to it more often. Being an ELDD today came with a lot of responsibilities but overall it was a great experience and it has taught me the actions I take affects those around me.

Signing off, Stan Popi !20160816_12111520160816_114227