Hi my name is Jonathan Hernandez and I am from a school called Eagle Academy. Today was our last day at El Rancho Campeche. We woke up at 8:00 today and had breakfast at 9:00. Then at 10:30 we started to have the self-reflection where we all thought of what we did in this trip and it was very good. Then we had free time from 2 to 7 where we spend time with the ambassadors which was super cool. At the end of the day we had a bond fire where we all gave big love to each other which felt good and I feel it made our day.



As leader of the day I learned that even when the fire is dying if all of us work together we can keep together we can keep it going. Something that was challenging was getting people to listen because it was the last day and people started to not care anymore but I would ask people to help me out especially the people who had more of a voice in the group. Little by little everyone got back into the mode and got back their smiles and positive attitudes. I hope next time I become a leader I gain the full respect of any group I’m in.

The people who inspired me throughout the trip were Jason, the community, the GG Leaders, and my best friend Daquan. Jason because I’ve seen that he has become more of a leader and less of a follower. Also he was always pushing over his limits and kept trying to do the best he could and I respect that. The GG leaders because they were always advocating for us and working hard to let us have a good experience. The last one is Daquan because he broke out of his shell during this trip and I’m proud of being able to see him grow. I would like to shout out my family for helping me go on this trip,                Mr. Holman and Mr. Payton for nominating me and to the donors because they helped me pay for this program.

That is all for today now it’s time to go home tomorrow.