Hi all!

So after a good recovering sleep we started our first full day in Matagalpa! We discovered our new city with its bustling streets, food stalls and colorful people. The mountains around it are just amazing! We learnt about the “Nicaraguan Shakespeare” Ruben Dario, the leaders of the Sandinist Revolution and other important people of Nicaraguan history. It was all very interesting!

After tasting another delicious dish for lunch, we headed to the hill behind the city, Cerro Calvario, to enjoy a magnificent view of the city while hearing the story of our great speaker Sonia. She was a “guerrillera” during the Sandinist Revolution and told breathtaking stories about when she was fighting in the mountains of Matagalpa for 8 years. She was about our age when she started fighting in the guerrilla. We have no words to explain how ┬áincredible it was.

We were back at the hostel just in time before the rain started. And when it rains here, it rains! Some people even had a nice outdoor shower to enjoy the warm water on the skin ­čÖé

Ready to rest for tomorrow!