Who’s packed? Who’s still running errands? I introduced myself via e-mail and Facebook but here’s to the rest of our GG amigos!

My name is Jasmine Martinez and I’ll be one of the leaders this summer with Global Glimpse Leon, July22-August 12th! I am really excited to meet you and am committed to making this once in a lifetime trip as meaningful as possible.

A little background about myself, I graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2010 with a double major in International Studies in Political Science and Sociology. I am originally from a city outside of Los Angeles called Pomona but have been living in Oakland, CA for 2 years now. I currently work for an after-school college access program in Oakland called College Track, where 6 students will also be participating in this summer. I really enjoy traveling, music, photography and soccer.  I have extensive travel and international/national volunteer experience and can truly say this experience is going to be amazing!

I am dedicated to education and service learning, and feel blessed to have this opportunity to contribute towards positively influencing Glimpsers lives.

Like Alara, REMEMBER TO:

  • Bring your passport (must be valid for 6 months from departure date) AND 2 copies.
  • Check your arrival/departure date/time TO the airport (*We have some students who will not be leaving from SFO)
  • Bring a sturdy water bottle (empty), a day pack, sturdy shoes, rain-gear, bug spray (3 oz or smaller), and sunscreen (same). It tends to get a little cold inside of the airplane so bring a light sweater or jacket but remember, it’s HOT in Nicaragua (80-90 degrees with 70-80% humidity and occasional rain). If you snack a lot like me I’d bring some trail mix or granola bar if you get hungry. You can always buy stuff on the plane but it tends to be a little expensive.
  • You can only bring one piece of luggage with personal items up to 50lbs. You may bring another piece of luggage filled with donations BUT there’s a $40 charge. Try to share a donation bag/cost with a friend if possible.
  • Ensure parent/guardians know what is going on!
  • Sign up for your trip’s blog

Please feel free to email/text/call me 909.721.8447 if you have ANY questions! If your parents have any questions, please have them call me.

See you all soon!