Dear parents and special loved ones

We as a collective had our protective chains unleashed, and placed into the wild. Today we had a “Free Day” again, and this is where all that spending money you gave us went. Whether on matching pants, special necklaces or other accessories, secret Santa gifts, food, and junk food (we love ice cream), we appreciate what you guys gave us. As you guys know we’ve humbled ourselves working (hard work) on a farm, and with young kids who have to provide for their family. So on behalf of the 22 global glimpse kids we appreciate what all of you do to make ends meet for us.

Here’s some fun highlights of our day

  • The Boys got haircuts (There is a special surprise)
  • Last Night we had Karaoke Night (everyone screamed their lungs out TERRIBLY)
  • Most of the group brought matching pants

However, we all had to still teach English to our classes. As a whole we honestly do a great job teaching. Our students are attentive (most of the time), and truly wants to learn the English language. I am impressed and pleased to even be able to contribute to helping others break down language barriers. I wish the best of hopes to the next delegation to continue our classes better than we already do.

the school at which we teach

I also want to say it is literally amazing how well our entire group gets along, Many people that’s from one geographical location, yet are different in so many ways, somehow manage to gets along as if we knew each other for years. You guys all have raised amazing kids and I am proud to know them.

BIG LOVE (Global Glimpse Inside Joke XD) to Tyese and Tamia, I truly love, appreciate, and miss you guys.