This has been a really fun trip so far and the group is getting along well with each other πŸ™‚ We’re learning a lot all the time! We started off this morning with a mental warm-up reading and discussion activity about the culture of the Dominican Republic. Our question of the day was “Why is culture important in the 21st century and why is it important to preserve culture?” We got on the little Global Glimpse bus and drove to the center of the city where we went to a gallery specializing in wood carvings. There were really beautiful and detailed painted sculptures and carvings hanging on the walls created by local artists. The owner of the gallery and his children were really kind and they gave us blocks of wood and tools and showed us how to create our own carvings. We created hearts, waves, etc. by chiseling into the wood.

After that, we had some money exchanged into Dominican Pesos and we walked to the grocery store to buy Dominican snacks. Claire, Samantha, and Nanda bought tropical fruit juices and Grace bought dulce de leche. We had lunch outside on a patio and afterward went to our dance class. We had a great teacher who patiently taught us how to dance the basics of bachata and merengue. Corina and Noemi were great! That was the highlight of the day for most of us. We were joined by the Dominican student ambassadors who led a fun game called “Wah” afterward. The student ambassadors led a session for us about teaching English and what the classes will be like. Glimpsers were paired with an ambassador to teach a small group of students learning English – kids, teens, or adults. There was time to start thinking about the lesson plan for tomorrow. Alex and Cierra are working together to teach children who have an intermediate level of English.

For dinner, we had pumpkin with onions, grilled cheese, and pineapple. It was really good. At night there was a self-reflection on the day and Glimpsers met in small discussion groups outside with candlelight. We met for our nightly meeting and I passed the torch to Ramneek who will be the Lider del Dia for tomorrow.

Danielle and Charlese took beautiful photos today that I was excited to post, but we’re having file type/slow internet problems!!! I will try again tomorrow!