Hola Familia!

Today, we received the opportunity to work on a family farm, La Tarabita, performing tasks many locals do to make a living. We experienced a variety of activities, ranging from weeding and planting, to milking cows, to building a wall with homemade bricks. Oscar Garcia and his family also kindly prepared us a meal from the vegetables and meat from their farm.

Additionally, some of us felt extra adventurous and tried guinea pig, also known as cuy, a local delicacy. Michael Kania also wanted to let everyone know that he ate the brain and reported it was “esta muy rico!” We are very proud of our fellow Glimpsers for stepping out of their comfort zones.

Then, we came back to the hotel to present our Community Action Project (CAP), to the principal of FAE. Thankfully, she was enthusiastic about our idea and we are ready to move onto the next phase.

Later in the day, we were supposed to start our first English Tutoring session, but due to an Ecuadorian holiday, school was not in session. As a result, we were rewarded with free time, which many of us used to further explore the city of Guaranda.

As we are nearing the middle part of our trip, we are glad to say that stronger friendships have developed and our love for Guaranda has continued to grow.

Love you all and cannot wait to see all of you soon!!! Buenas noches todos!

Oriana Jalal and Anika Goel :)<3