What’s up Glimpsers! Today we had a “Work like a Local” day. We got a chance to wake up early, eat some healthy breakfast for the day and work with a family at La Tarabita. At La Tarabita, we worked on the fields with Don Juan to help him farm some lettuce, onions, and help with the compost. After farming we got to feed the pigs and milk the cow, which was a fun and interesting activity. We got a chance to get out of our comfort zone and try the Cuy after having an amazing meal with the Garcia family. Cuy is known as guinea pig in English, and is a traditional delicacy in Ecuador. After having such an exciting experience we headed back to our hotel to present our project idea to the staff of Pachamama childcare center. Some were big hits and some were declined, however. Needless to say the meeting was a great success. Afterwards everyone began to enjoy their free time and either stayed at the hotel or went out to get snacks at the super market. We later had our nightly meeting and passed our torch on to the next Líder Del Día.

P.S. Hola mamiiiiiii hola papiiii, los quiero mucho <3 les mando muchos besos y abrazos :)))