Hola parents!

This is Sonia, your friendly neighborhood Global Glimpse leader here. The students had a busy, fun day today, visiting a local farm, and getting to harvest corn just like a local!  Some students harvested corn, others prepared a yummy lunch for the delegation.  Normally, this post would be written by the leader of the day.  HOWEVER, all the kids are hard at work on their CAP project, and I want them to finish what they are working on.  So I thought I would post some photos today, and have the students complete the official blog post later.  All your kids miss you, but we are taking good care of them, making sure they are well-fed, healthy, and full of smiles 🙂

The students are having a free day on Tuesday, so get ready for some phone calls/ emails!  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below.  More pictures and stories to come.