C: AY DIOS MIO! We can’t believe we only have four full days left on this trip 😓. Martha and I woke up today 6:00 to prepare for the 6:30 wake up call. Breakfast was at 7:00 and we had the Matagalpa Special- eggs and gallopinto 😁. The delegation left at 8:00 and took a private bus to Sor Maria. Today was CAP #2 and we have made much progress with our mural and concrete project, we even got help from some of the little kids on the community. Both teams worked in the sweltering sun to execute their projects and some Glimpsers even came home with sunburns! Ouchieeeee!! After arriving at the hostile at around 2:30 everyone had time to go out until 4:45.

M: On our second day working on the project, all the Glimpsers put much effort and worked more than we spected to. We had hamburgers as a recovery then also shared them with the kids that were helping us accomplish our project. When we got back to the hotel, some of us went out during our free time to buy ice cream and some snacks. At dinner, we had Alfredo pasta with fruit juice. Right after, we had a program seminar where we wrote letters to our donors thanking them for letting is have the opportunity to be here 😆. On our nightly meeting, we passed the torch to Bethany and Alexis who did the cup song for their talent.