Hello everyone,

Today the Glimpsers woke up at 5:30 AM to work and live like locals!!! We had to go to Guamote where Cezar and his family lived. After an hour long bus ride we got to meet Cezar and Reynaldo. They talked about the history of their land and their daily lives. Then we ate a bread, cheese, honey, and boiled eggs for breakfast with Cezar and his family. When we finished eating breakfast, we split into four groups to help Cezar and his family with their daily chores/work.

In one of the groups, the Glimpsers followed Gloria, Cezar’s daughter, to work in the field. The Glimpsers had to plow the land and cut trees so that they would be able to plant the cut off branches. After that, the Glimpsers helped weed and add more soil to the corn patch. While doing all this, some of the Glimpsers got to interact with the kids that were also helping on the field.

In another group, the Glimpsers went to Cezar’s house and helped him carry rocks to decorate his lawn. Carrying the rocks up and down made the Glimpsers sore and tired. During this process they learned how Cezar reused materials and natural things around him to build his house and grow crops. After sixteen years of hard work, Cezar has a beautiful home with fish, crops, guinea pigs, goose, and dogs. This experience taught the Glimpsers how different urban and rural life is.

A third group of people went to the Renaldo farm. They used hoes to spread guinea pig manure which was used because Renaldo didn’t have cows. After spreading the fertilizer we all went to his guinea pig farm where Renaldo had around two hundred guinea pigs. We then got to see his bee hives where Renaldo makes around 96 liters of honey per year. We finished our activities moving rocks and sand around the farm.

When they were done, the Glimpsers headed back to the community room for lunch. We shared a meal with our hosts and with a heartfelt goodbye before heading back to the hostel. We enjoyed a couple of hours of free time, then went to dinner, and finished the day with our nightly meeting. We are looking forward to our Fun Day tomorrow, and our CAP the following three days. Until next time…

Your Leaders of the Day,

Tiffany, Mohammed, and Kelly