Today had to be one of the most deliciously interesting work days for the Glimpsers. While it was still barely dawn, our sleepy yet eager teens left in their assigned groups, taking off in taxis to homes to prepare market goods, while others took a stroll to the Mercado to meet with their venders for the morning. The challenges of the day included an early wake up call of 4:00, 500, and 6:00 am- on top of taking the role of being a vendor in a lively open air competitive market.
One of the groups took on the tasks of frying, roasting, and shaping cheeses and then selling them in the market. Another prepared cereals for bebidas such as the bizarre yet tasty Tiste, Jicaro, and Cacao. Another worked in the fruit juice section, serving drinks,crushing ice, preparing snacks, and slicing fruit. The shoppers could hear the shouts of “Jugos!” and “Quesos!!” Throughout the morning. There was also a great deal of satisfaction, which individuals expressed for having sold their products using vocal selling methods.
Many of the venders which the Glimpsers worked with carried a strong and warm personality and a great love for their profession. During the nightly meeting, there was a reflection based around the events of the day and how it related to the question of just how difficult it was to work both in Nicaragua and the US, and whether their job satisfaction was based upon their success. Many of the responses were well thought, and there was a conclusion made that perhaps satisfaction which comes with a job may not be simply because of one’s success. There was a distinction made between living uneducated and and having a limitation of opportunity to having a certain occupation, and being born into a more privileged life with education and offered an occupation of choice with good payment. Everyone could agree that education is something that may not be given to all, but would be pursued if given the opportunity.