Hi my name is Iyanna and I am the leader of the day today. Today was the  day where we had a big chunk of time to really start working on the CAP project. We went from dry dirt to a fenced in, fertilized patch of garden and from sad, dirty school walls to bright and vibrant walls on the school. To do all of this, we had to not be afraid to get dirty and be able to work 6 hours in the hot sun. It was very exciting!


So the day started with the three teams dividing conquering to gather all the supplies that they needed. Then, we had breakfast and went to the community. When we got there, some people went straight to the garden and some people started painting. The kids from the scool and some of the teachers jumped right in and started to help us. We took a short break to have lunch and play hopscotch and kickball with the kids. We finished working around 4 and then had to hop on the bus and get prepared for the talent show.


Talent show??! The talent show featured our English tutoring students and ourselves and we did it to celebrate the end of our delegation’s tutoring. At the talent show, we had some dancing and singing and a lot of eating. It was super fun to watch and participate in, but it was very sad to say goodbye to our students. My funny moment from the night was when the students gave me a bracelet to say thank you but it said “Arianna” instead of “Iyanna” – but it’s the thought that counts 🙂




Overall, the day went pretty well because we had fun while getting things done. I’m excited for tomorrow where we can finish up the CAP project and show our team spirit!

PS – Mom I miss you! And shout out to all the parents reading – your babies are fine!