Today was the day where we worked like the locals. I had specifically picked being leader of the day for this day because I had read about it on the website and loved the idea of understanding how the natives worked and getting an overall better sense of how they lived. I had picked this day because I really believed in big picture, which was seeing the struggle and the commitment these locals gave to their jobs. And the idea that in another country the definition of “working hard” really can be stretched to harsh extremes and how blessed many of us are to not have to face those things. Also the idea, that if they can face their extreme challenges with determination then so can we! I was sitting at the table where they explain to you your role as a leader and you ask all the questions you can think of, when I asked “so what are we going to be doing for the day?” I was not prepared for the answer. Today we woke up at 4:30 am and left the hotel by 6:00 am (after a super early breakfast of frosted flakes and yogurt), and went to the local market to help work at a chicken butcher shop, and for the vegetarians, a vegetable stand! For the first time in my life I saw a live chicken, and then see it dead a few minutes later. Most people then helped to clean the chicken and or cut it into pieces that locals would later eat. The vegetable people, helped set up the stand in a beautiful way and helped peel some vegetables. Some people helped cook soup as well! Overall my favorite thing about the day was when our boss for the day, said that we did a great job and were such hardowrkers. He told us we were “muy serio” and that we helped out more than we realized and he was very grateful. Not only did I learn and see for my self the harsh conditions these people went through, but also how they did it with a positive attitude and never stopped pushing! We asked many workers there and they all agreed that most of the people there didn’t like the jobs they were doing, however they were doing them to support themselves, their families, or save money for what they really wanted to do in the future. Later we did laundry, and rested the rested after a long and tiring day. After all of this, I decided to make the question of the day, “What inspires you/or do you respect the most about the way the market people approach their challenges?” As a group we ended up having a really powerful discussion and all came together as we realized that if they could overcome their hardships, so could we, and how much respect we had for them. Being a leader really had me reflect on myself as a person, as a part of group, and a good example for others. I feel I became stronger, more confident, and surer of my decisions. As a group and as individuals we grew up years in those few hours today. Mind you this is only the 6th day, I can’t wait to see the impact and mind opening that the rest of this trip will bring.